Southeastern Testing Laboratory, INC.
1030 Astondale Road Bishop, Ga. 30621


We are proud to offer the following services:

  * Cleaning & Dielectric testing of
Rubber Gloves - fr
om class 00 to class 4

* Cleaning & Dielectric testing of 
Rubber Goods

Line Hose, Standard, all sizes & links
Line Hose, Ubangi style

Blankets, Rubber & Salcor, 36"x36" & smaller

Blankets, Rubber & Salcor, 46"x46"

Insulator Hoods, Spade Covers

Plastic Line Guards, 15kv & 35KV  

Dead End & Stirrup Covers

Cross Arm Guards

Hot Line Jumpers
Line Hose Connectors

Rubber Sleeves, class 00 to class 4 

Cut Out Covers

We furnish shipping boxes for gloves when the account is on a test schedule with over 10 pair on at least a 90 day schedule. Rubber goods boxes require a $400.00 deposit plus freight charges.

We will replace full length line hose that are rejected for customers for whom we normally replace rejects. Short hose, those previously cut off, will not be replaced without special instruction to do so.

All testing is performed to meet or exceed applicable ASTM-ANSI standards. All rubber goods and gloves are also visually inspected. Rejects will be replaced unless otherwise instructed.

          * Cleaning, Repairing & Testing Of Hot Sticks

Switch Stick 

Universal Stick

Clamp Stick Shotgun,    Straight/Hinged                                                                   

Link Stick

Burndy Press

Ratchet Cutter 



Extendo Sticks, all lengths and   manufacturers                                            

Voltage Detectors

Phase Meters

Body Rescue Stick

Extension Stick


Coffing Hoist                                                                                 


Chance Hoist                                               

C&M Hoist                                                                                    


Ratcliff Hoist

Cable Hoist                                                                           

Hot Line Strap Hoist 
Coffing Load Binder